Comprehensive Capital Asset Management for Efficient and Effective Decision Making

LOGIS’s capital asset management solution for public works departments provides comprehensive tracking and analysis for managers of equipment and shop operations for efficient, effective decision making every time. Powered by JD Edwards, our web-based application provides complete and accurate data about equipment, costs, manpower, and inventories. Some of the features available include:

Equipment Management and Tracking:

  • Maintains a comprehensive inventory of all your equipment.
  • An interactive work order module records labor, parts, and commercial charges.
  • Allows multiple work orders open at the same time for a unit.
  • Complete preventative maintenance (PM) history data are available for the life of each unit.
  • Automated PM scheduling and monitoring for all units.
  • Usage tracking stores data such as number of miles/engine hours driven & days or hours of use.
  • Tracks warranties by time and meter units for the vehicle, chassis, body, engine, transmission, tires, air conditioning, etc.

Cost Analysis

  • Report costs in many levels of detail on pre-defined reports.
  • A full-featured report generator for customized reports is available.
  • Tracks costs by type (fuel, oil, miscellaneous, repairs, PM, labor, parts, depreciation, and fixed monthly expenses).
  • PM Service type by repair group, repair task, and repair cause.
  • Provides cost analysis for operations, repair, and preventative maintenance— including cost per meter unit data.
  • Analyzes fuel and oil consumption.
  • Provides labor analysis for all employee labor recorded.
  • Reports on units with high operating, maintenance, or repair costs based on user-defined standards.


Application Screenshot: Click image to enlarge.

Inventory Management

  • Tracks and reports on inventory usage of parts and consumables (fuel, oil, etc.)
  • Provides an on-line display of parts lists, stock status, parts below reorder point, etc.
  • Fuel tickets are uploaded into Capital Asset Management from fuel dispensing systems.
  • Parts and fuel inventory may be tracked for multiple locations.
  • Prepares purchase orders automatically based on stock levels, reorder points, and reorder quantities.
  • Provides inventory analysis, usage history analysis, and economic order quantity calculation for effective inventory management.


LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, Sprypoint and CentralSquare. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.