Automated Property Data Systems for Efficient Management and Support

The LOGIS Property Data System (PDS) provides automated management and administrative support for many of the tasks associated with Minnesota real property appraisal and assessment within Assessing Departments.

Parcel Information

  • Allows entry and maintenance of parcel, valuation, property characteristics, sales, ownership, social security number, homestead status and taxpayer data.
  • Allows entry and maintenance of multiple addresses for a parcel.
  • Computes tax capacities based on a county-supplied tax matrix.
  • Provides for electronic transfer of property data and reports to the county.
  • Taxpayer inquiry screen is available to the public or can be printed for distribution.
  • Allows attachments such as photos and sketches.


Property Valuation Process

  • Maintains data about the market value and tax capacity of a parcel.
  • Values are updated every year.
  • New Year’s property values can be calculated by one of two methods: Market Value Update or Computer Aided Mass Appraisal.
  • Market Value Update method allows calculation of land and building values by a flat dollar amount or a percentage of last year’s land and/or building values.
  • Computer Aided Mass Appraisal method uses property characteristics and rate tables to calculate values for both residential and non-residential land and buildings.
  • Creates file of data for valuation notices.
  • Allows retention of values history for several years.
  • Calculates market value sales comparables.

Computer-aided Parcel Divisioning

  • Computer-aided parcel divisioning automatically creates two or more new parcels in the place of an existing parent parcel.
  • Information such as valuation, name and address and metes and bounds descriptions are carried over from the parent parcel to the new parcels.


Property Characteristics

  • PDS maintains property characteristics data of a parcel for each year.
  • Characteristics can be printed directly onto field cards to be used at the next appraisal.
  • These property characteristics are used to calculate market value with the computer-aided appraisal method.



  • Provides numerous standard reports you can use during the homestead, valuation, parcel divisioning, and sales analysis processes.
  • Allows you to produce almost any user-defined report with a powerful ad hoc report writer.
  • Produces mailing labels based on user-selected parameters.



LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, Sprypoint and CentralSquare. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.