Permit & Inspection Management Systems for Increased Operational Efficiencies

LOGIS’s permit & inspection management systems (PIMS) automates issuance of permits (including online epermits), licenses, and the scheduling /tracking of inspections for increased departmental and operational efficiencies. Some of the features include:

Permits and Inspections

  • Provides a variety of permit types: building, plumbing, mechanical, sewer & water, sign, fire, electrical, temporary use, point of sale (housing), public works, zoning, natural resources management, fireworks, right-of-way and a user-defined type.
  • The site lot, block, addition, PID and owner information can be automatically retrieved based on permit address.
  • Subtypes, work types and description further classify permits.
  • Multiple fees are grouped and assigned to a permit or license.
  • The fee amount is automatically calculated based on valuation, flat fee or item count.
  • Several flexible search tools can retrieve permits by any criteria.
  • A “prohibit” or “warning” type of hold can be assigned to an address, contractor, project or permit.
  • Permits can be displayed on a map using ArcInfo/ArcView Shape files.
  • Retains contractor information and permits issued in the contractor file.
  • Inspections can be pre-assigned by permit type, subtype or work type.
  • Inspection results include the inspector, inspection type, inspection date, address and comments.
  • Permits are automatically closed when all of the inspections have passed.
  • Corrections can be predefined to be chosen from for the individual record.
  • Correction notices and a certificate of occupancy can be recorded and printed.
  • Inspection results can be viewed by permit or address.
  • Inspections and appointments can be scheduled for any duration.
  • Inspection appointments can be copied, edited or moved.
  • Email reports and documents directly from the application.
  • Ability to run PIMS in the field using a laptop or mobile device.



  • All permits may be purchased online by home owners, contractors or plan submitters.
  • Applicants can search for a permit online, print a copy of the permit, schedule inspections, view inspection results and schedule inspections.
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.



  • The scheduling program interfaces with the Permit, Business License, and Code Enforcement modules and Microsoft Outlook.
  • The scheduling module allows you to schedule, copy, move and edit inspections.
  • Make appointments for meetings, holidays, vacations and other events for each staff person.
  • A daily schedule can be printed with the option of including previous inspection results.


Business Licensing

  • Accommodates any business license type that you define.
  • Pertinent information about an applicant and their various licenses can be recorded.
  • Provides correction notices.
  • Corrections can be predefined.
  • Multiple fees are grouped and assigned to a license.
  • Provides a mass license renewal process.
  • The renewal process includes a renewal notice detailing licenses and fees.
  • A license can be pending, active, renewed, suspended, denied, revoked, inactive or expired.
  • Mailings can be sent to business address, corporate address, alternate address or license location.


Code Enforcement

  • Records and tracks code violations or requests and the resulting actions taken.
  • A location or request site can have multiple violations, and violations can have multiple actions.
  • Custom form letters can be sent.
  • Follow-up dates can be automatically scheduled.
  • Violations can be closed individually, or an entire request can be closed.
  • Identity of caller can be protected.


LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, Sprypoint and CentralSquare. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.