Additional Value-Added Member Services

LOGIS value added services are additional resources we make available exclusively to our members. We provide some value added services for free as a part of LOGIS membership. We offer other value added services at a cost far lower than equivalent services in the private sector. All these services result from the primary advantage of LOGIS membership: the sharing of resources and ideas in a consortium makes LOGIS much greater than the sum of its parts and certainly more cost effective.

Network Services

  • LOGIS offers complete networking services (LAN/WAN, wireless, fiber, security, etc.) to its members, from initial planning all the way through to daily maintenance.
  • We consult with you, determine your needs, draw up the plans, help you purchase equipment and software, install the equipment and software at your site and maintain your network on a day-to-day basis if desired.
  • Our network staff are professionals with the expertise to install a first-rate network and help you gain the maximum benefit from it—all at a lower cost than the going market rate for private sector network specialists and services.


Managed Services

  • LOGIS offers a comprehensive set of technical Managed Services to our members.
  • LOGIS staff manage member’s servers, databases, backups, IP Telephony systems and other infrastructure.
  • Our members eliminate significant operational labor, hardware, licensing and other costs, saving them thousands of dollars per year.


Internet Services

  • LOGIS offers its members a presence (home page) on the Internet for a fraction of the cost of an outside vendor.
  • E-government applications such as online permits, park/rec registration, and utility billing payments are available Internet services to citizens.
  • We can also provide an Internet gateway (which allows city staff to access the Internet) including Web site monitoring (disallowing access to certain Web site categories) at similar cost savings.
  • Internet email, including Spam filtering, is another part of LOGIS’s Internet Services.


Technical Expertise

  • Members have easy access to the LOGIS staff, which represents a great breadth of technical knowledge.
  • LOGIS is committed to the ongoing investigation of new technologies. Funding and staff resources are set aside specifically for this function.



  • The LOGIS membership represents a large bloc of purchasing power.
  • We are able to negotiate favorable deals with computer hardware and software vendors and pass the savings along to our members. (LOGIS takes no mark-up.)
  • LOGIS members can buy name brand PCs, printers, and other computer equipment through LOGIS at prices lower than purchasing directly from a vendor.
  • LOGIS can also purchase sophisticated application software that an individual city or agency would find unaffordable on their own.


Wide Area Network

  • Our high speed, fiber-optic based WAN (Wide Area Network) allows your LAN to connect with the networks of other LOGIS member agencies and organizations.
  • Benefits of the LOGIS WAN include remote network diagnostic capabilities, access to shared public safety information (for LOGIS Police System users), inter-city electronic mail, access to shared peripheral devices and other enhanced cooperative abilities.
  • The security of your data is never a problem–you share only what you want to share.



  • LOGIS provides comprehensive training on its applications as part of membership.
  • The LOGIS offices contain modern training facilities and a full-time, professional Training Specialist.
  • Each member is provided an unlimited number of free training hours each year.


Disaster Recovery

  • LOGIS maintains a remote back up site facility in Brooklyn Center, which includes duplicate online services to run police, financial applications and other applications.
  • A SAN (storage area network) is included, keeping a live online duplicate of all LOGIS application databases.


Professional Association

  • LOGIS membership provides an ideal forum for government professionals to share their ideas and perceptions.
  • LOGIS sponsors regular user group meetings for our applications.



LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, Sprypoint and CentralSquare. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.